Simone Gastaldon

gastaldonI obtained an MA in Linguistics at the University of Padova, Italy, where I graduated with an experimental thesis in psycholinguistics focusing on Number morphology and numerical cognition. I subsequently contributed to further develop the study by using the electroencephalography/event-related potentials technique.

In the meantime I grew more and more interested in a more explicitly biologically-driven perspective on cognition in general and on the language faculty in particular, which is why I decided to join the Biolinguistics Initiative Barcelona as a PhD student in the Cognitive Science and Language program of the Universitat de Barcelona. My project, under the supervision of Cedric Boeckx, will focus on the role of the cerebellum in higher cognition, including language, and its relation to neurodevelopmental disorders like autism and their genetic and cellular bases. I will also explore in an evolutionary perspective how these aspects relate to the evolution of cognition in Anatomically Modern Humans, in particular in relation to globularization.

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