Protolang 5 UPDATE: venue for day 2 (Sep 27), day 3 (Sep 28) and workshop (Sep 29)

The venue for days 2 (Sep 27) and 3 (Sep 28) of Protolang 5 (as well as for the Workshop on Lenneberg, Sep 29) will be Can Jaumandreu – UB Parc de les Humanitats i les Ciències Socials. Metro line L1 (red) is the best way to get there (short walk from the Glòries stop).

In order to give people enough time to adapt to this last minute change, we will start at 9:30, instead of 9:00.

Please spread the word!

Protolang 5 UPDATE: new venue

Thank you for your patience with the constantly changing information. As some of you will already know, our replacement conference venue has been occupied. We have just this morning managed to organize a replacement venue for today. Registration will be delayed as we gather people together to go to the new venue.
The address is Montalegre 6 (Facultat de Filosofia – Universitat de Barcelona) – 4th Floor – Aula Magna (In front of the CCCB building)
Here is a google maps link to the venue:

Protolang 5 – change of venue

Yesterday afternoon we were contacted by officials at the University of Barcelona to inform us that the venue we had reserved for next week’s conference and workshop won’t be usable. As you may have seen in the news, the political situation in Catalunya has led to pacific protests. Yesterday the Historic Building of the university, due to its centrality and iconic status, was taken over by students and protesters. Since this is where we planned to meet, university officials contacted us to relocate, as protests may disrupt our meeting. Accordingly, we will meet in the building adjacent to the venue we had originally chosen. The Workshop on Lenneberg on September 29 will also take place at the new location.

[Edifici Josep Carner; at the corner of Gran Via w/ Aribau)

While the rooms will be less grandiose, we think that the meeting will be minimally affected by this change. We look forward to seeing you all.

Talks – Bill Thompson

We are pleased to announce that Bill Thompson (Max Plank Institute for Psycholinguistics) will visit us on October 2 and give two talks:

10:30am: The Language Engine: Evolutionary Processes in Social Populations

3:00pm: Mapping the structure of meaning across human languages with large scale semantic networks

Both talks will take place at the Sala de Professors, on the 5th floor of the Josep Carner Building (Gran Via w/ Aribau).

Entrance is free and encouraged!